TV report on the Infoman show on Ici Radio-Canada / CBC on the Jean-Tal collective exhibition covering international news including Rene Bégin's Shithole piece in hockey (at 5:54). The exhibition was very successful attracting more than 3,000 visitors during the weekend of April 7 and 8, 2018 at the Galerie du Viaduc in Montreal.

Exhibition of sports-themed artworks at the Armori Steele Group exhibition of art and sports items at the Patrick Mikhail Gallery in Montreal.

The artwork Concert at the Park made of hockey tape and acrylic in the summer of 2017 was published in the Hist-Art art book launched on October 1 by the Hélène Sentenne Foundation to mark the 60th anniversary of the city of Candiac. This project was intended to commemorate some of the city's highlights by matching some of its citizens with artists who had to create an artwork inspired by their personal history.

I was fortunate to be paired with Véronique Côté, daughter of former mayor André J. Côté who accompanied me in the process and who greatly inspired me by her precious collaboration and by her simple text so moving.

Article published in La Presse + mentioning my passion for art, history and sport. Among other things, it deals with my artistic approach and my technique of hockey tape, first designed for sports scenes but adapted to my other subjects.

TV report on the program Quelle histoire on ICI Radio-Canada / CBC airwaves related to the topic of sticky tapes. The report obviously deals with my technique of the hockey tape by showing in particular a work in development and makes a comparison with my technique of acrylic.